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Originally Posted by charles starks
puffer ,Please lets be sure to keep things tied in here on the discussion and how it relates to the change . Everything needs to relate to the original topic at hand in some way . IE what changed , how it changed and opinions or questions as to why .
did this type of engraving simple decline to only a few people doing it OR did it naturally turn to something else . if so what . what was the evolution . can we show that transition, can we document it . Did all the European engravings go through this change or was it simply American artists

Chas. no need to apologize.

The reason I asked for assistance, was twofold.
1. to be able to understand what I was seeing
2. I wanted also to see if the changes in the " decorating" of guns, ran in tandem with the changes in those in other areas ( personal items,jewelry etc ), including motifs etc.

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