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Default Old copy pantograph

Hello- Not sure if this is the right place for this post, But I have an old unusual pantograph that needs a home. It is an automatic variable ratio copy pantograph made by the Atlas tool co. of Providence RI in the late 1920's or so. Similar to a Keller machine but has a 'back and forth' motion with square tables for the work and master instead of the rotary process Keller uses. Also uses gravity instead of the springs for cutting force. I got it from a master hub & die cutter who got it from a place that made rings. It was used to make low relief emblematic hubs, dies and forcers for jewelry and trophy emblems. Have tried to donate it to the Attleboro Industrial Museum and the Providence Jewelry museum but they have no interest. Also sent an email to Gold Machinery but no response. Also had it on ebay with little interest. About 6' long, 2' wide and 4' tall, it seems to be built on a lathe base. It was high-tech in it's day and only 30 or so were ever made.
Not sure how to post pictures here.
Again I hope this is not inappropriate for this forum.
Thank You
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