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Default 1800s-1900s banknote plates For Sale

I have been asked to sell a group of authentic hand engraved Banknote plates for a private collector. These are historical treasures and our heritage. All range from the mid 1800's to the turn of the 20th century. All are from well known Banknote engraving firms of that time. The collector does not have that exact info for each, but anyone can research the stocks, bonds, securities, ect. that they are printed on if desired.

Most of today's engravers have probably never seen anything like these before, let alone get a chance to own one. The plates are an outstanding learning tool for historical banknote engraving.

The plates are mirrored for printing and are used to printing securities. There are approximately 40 plates in all. The collector said he is not sure how many of the 40 he will let go. There are 8 that he has provided to me to sell for a start.

Here is a link to pictures of them. Once you are there, click on a folder name to see the jpg pictures in the folder. The prices are listed in the folder names. If you'd like to purchase one or several let me know. As they sell either I or the buyer can chime in this thread to let people know which ones are gone.
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