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Thanks Charles, the infromations are great. All you show is my cup of coffee (opps, no, I don't like coffee!) my cup of tea! I have the book of British Gun, like it so much. I alway wonder if my previous life is from there, as I love all this kind of things so much!!! Iwant to learn more about scroll before I really cut my first scroll.....I don't like the book Steel canvas (don't be offense, just personal taste).

The early decorated pattern are found not only on guns, everyitem in their daily life, doorhandle, lock, window frame, mirror frame, furniture, even a spoon is fully decorated, such good stuff can be found in the gun trade and some in the jewelry trade, or art pieces for collectors only. The product trend is change, we are talking about simple, cheap, easy to manufacture, profit... No manufacturer will want to have a fully engraving mouse, or fully engraved keyboard, even the engraving is by is changing.....the only chance I can enjoy the good and high quality of life of the ancient people is from this books they left to us....

The illustration show in all these books are wooden cut, told by my printing making friends.

Sorry a bit greedy, anymore source? I can have more questions......

Tom, great post, I enjoy reading it.

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