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Originally Posted by Don Hanson
You do some grate work. Did you lern by book or have some hads on help when you ferst startid?
Don again these are not my works of engraving , they are examples of very old engravings .
you want to see work , go to the photo section of this forum and see the work that the folks here do .
frankly im just a new comers to this place , simply a Johnny come lately.
The true artists are those doing the actual engraving plates , knives , jeweler and such here . My hope is that for right now I can contribute something , bring people to this site so they can see the work they do
Hopefully they will realize they can learn from these folks and possible try something that they may have always wanted to do but just never knew how

my work when i was doing it was simple period "late 1700 and early 1800 American line work “
Again I don’t want to and will not embarrass myself by showing it .
My engraving has never been more then just scratching IMO
I also learned what little I know about how to perform a small amount of engraving , by looking and reading books .
My gun work is from the same way but i have been doing it for some 30 + years now . while i think i still have alot to learn , it seems im at a level thats acceptable to many folks

Hank I would also agree with you . However in this day and age where I see period reproduction rifles , in very simple form selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Paintings that frankly I would give 10 bucks for , selling for thousands to hundreds of thousands , I have to wonder . Surly a skilled artesian producing a product , while well out of the reach of the common folk . Would find that there would be a market for this type of work ?

Right now just with traditional muzzleloading rifles there is a vast majority of folks that simply feel they cant afford a custom rifle made from quality parts when they can buy a production version for 3-400 that’s lacking in most every way .
BUT at the same time those of us that make custom pieces are so far behind , we often have back logs of at least a year for delivery of a completed piece . Currently im alittle over a year behind and my rifels and shot guns range from 800-2500 depending on options .
Steve Zihn was telling me he has slowed on taking orders because he is 3 years back . Now mind you his quality is IMO in the top 5 % in this country and his prices reflect that .

This makes me wonder just how much cost is really a factor . Sure for most of us it is . However for a vast amount of folks , it doesn’t seem to play as great an issue
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