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Question Foot control questions.

Ok after drooling, lurking, reading and fretting, I have finally gotten the money together for a graver kit. I love the thought of the palm controller but with the foot control I would have money left over for either a vise or a microscope setup.... either way this is a huge outlay of money for me, almost a quarter of my bring home pay for the year and I desperately want to do the right thing. I would mainly be doing jewelry, decorative car parts, and possibly firearms if there was a big enough demand to warrant a ffl.

All that to ask the following.

1: do those of you that have used both feel you were held back by using the foot control?
2: does the foot control act as a simple on and off switch or more like a throttle control like a gas peddle or the speed control on a foredom flex shaft?
3: if you had to prioritize purchases, in what order would you buy equipment? Graver,optic, engraver vise, speciality fixtures..... yadda yadda

Any and all advice greatly appreciated.
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