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Default A note on posting High Res images

Guys I dont do this.. but with very little effort I could. I don't want to start a thread on copyright blah blah blah, just pointing out that the harder you try to get your photography right the easier you make if for people to knock you off..

This was done in about 60 seconds... with about another 10 minutes of filtering the image and a smooth and/or pinch brush I could knock it off pretty damn perfectly.. of course someone could pull a rubber post purchase.. but here i can pull a rubber while it still on your shelf.. and this was with a pretty low resolution image I randomly plucked from Facebook.. give me nice high res image and my life is a dream..

This Person whose coin this is, sorry for using it, no doubt you are on this forum, but please know it was only used as an example for posting in this forum, nothing was done with it..

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