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Default Re: Only one in the world! Decadent 11+ct sigaret.

Thanks Noud, you should see it in the sunlight!
Hi Danny,
I won't show it to Tiffany's.
This was a job for my employer. I work for him 3 days a week.
But if there where a Tiffany's in Amsterdam I just might! Does show what I can do I think

Rod, for a pack of 20 you should get a nice discount, buy 19 get 20!
Do you prefere the packaging in yellow, white or red gold? Maybe a combination? With or without your Initials? Do you want to engrave them yourselfe or shoul I do it?

Jerry, I started with a yellow and white tube of 4x7mm. Soldered them together and started digging out the settings. Good fun, you should try it.
The biggest high was whenn I finished it! Just thankfull to have had to make such a piece.
I might have liked it better if there where a pen in it like Gail suggested.

But the shere pleasure of making this
If I could insert some engraving, 24-7
The best things in life are still made by hand.
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