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Hello all,

After 30 years of building competition model aircraft, I have slipped into making Flintlock rifles, I can do the carving and woodwork, but the metal engraving escapes me. I had a tutor for a while (60 year New England Silversmith) and he showed me some concepts on push engraving, which got me moving on the softer metals (Brass) But the harder metals like the Lock and Barrel still evades me.

I tried (a few weeks ago) to hire an engraver to do some lock work for me, and the response I got back (after a $ quote, a check and I send him the parts) was "It's too hard to engrave". I have seen Incredible artists create beautiful artwork on Flintlock rifle locks. SO I am not convinced. As they say, If you want it done right, Do it yourself. Steve and team are sending me my Palm Classic as I write this, and it's time to practice.

I will be lurking around the forums and will ask questions as they arise.

Thanks for having me here

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