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Hi Daniel, Thank you for posting. Again it was sad news to hear about your grandfather, Barry. Prayers for Delpha and your family. He was an old dear friend. As I mentioned I tried to contact Barry about a month ago after being out of contact for years. I called the old home number I had and left a message. It was a Friday that I dialed and I said in the message I got to thinking about him since he liked to listen to the radio program Science Friday.

I did find some info after we messaged on fb the other day. Barry did have an AirGraver it was first prototype airgraver (it was called ACG Air Chasing Graver then). He wrote a nice feedback about the tool that I included when making the original website. Here is a link to that feedback page from the archive of the old site: Scroll clear to the bottom. Barry's comment was first on the site:

I agree with Roger. Barry will be looking over your shoulder and watching you engrave! If you're ever driving through Nebraska please stop by. Bring some of what you've been engraving on and I'd be happy to check it out and help with where I can.
Steve Lindsay
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