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david jackson
03-29-2010, 05:00 PM
hello all
I am a journeyman smith in the american bladesmith society, and am intersted in learning basic engraving. I recently picked up a used gravermister with two hand pieces and misc. gravers and parts. any help on what books to read about everything engraving would be appreciated.
dave jackson

Steve Lindsay
03-29-2010, 05:46 PM

Here are various links around the site that may help you get started.
Did you find the resources page? There are quite a few links to books and videos

A Beginners Progress Plans, Tutors Tips, and Informational link (http://www.handengravingforum.com/showthread.php?t=2365) by airamp

Also, there are tutorial videos of basic cuts on the engravingschool.com site:

Transfering designs
Experimental transfer film results (http://www.engravingforum.com/showthread.php?t=3109)
Inket Printer Transfers or What Works & What Don't (http://www.handengravingforum.com/showthread.php?t=3141)

For help with shading check the threads
Cut a practice plate together, Online

11 hours of on-line videos:

Sharpening geometry information:
http://www.engravingschool.com/priva...oint-Intro.htm (http://www.engravingschool.com/private/LindsayPoint-Intro.htm)

Sharpening fixture:
http://www.engravingschool.com/priva...0Sharpener.htm (http://www.engravingschool.com/private/Lindsay%20Sharpener.htm)

On-line old engraving books (http://www.engravingforum.com/showthread.php?t=258)

Engraving Scroll and Techniques ~ (http://www.engravingforum.com/showthread.php?t=1214)Lynton McKenzie Book (http://www.engravingforum.com/showthread.php?t=1214)

Must have book download (drawing Acanthus leaves) (http://www.handengravingforum.com/showthread.php?t=2104)