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Default Coronavirus in Italy

Italian Government regulations March 12, 2920
Corona virus new Italian regulations:
Le Forze dell’Ordine danno un chiarimento sulle autocertificazioni e spiegano perchè stamattina sono già partite le prime denunce.
Non è che se uno compila l’autocertificazione può andare dove vuole....
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Corona virus new Italian regulations:
Law enforcement clarifies self-certifications and explain why the first complaints have already started this morning.

It's not like if someone compiles self-certification they can go wherever they want.
We have to stay home! Good morning ��������������
You can only move to:
- work �� ��
- need ����
- cheers ��
At checkpoint they make you declare and sign because you are moving. This is the patrol �� check (e.g. calling the company ��, calling your doctor ���� ⚕, etc... based on what you declare).
If they find out that what you said is not true, you get two complaints ��: one for the violation of the public health order coronavirus (art. 650 C.P.) and the other for lying statements (Art. 495 C.P.).
I made this clarification because many people think that there are no checks or that authorization is enough, it is not the case.
Shopping only in your municipality and for items of first need! Grocery shopping, don't shop! One person per family 1 ⃣.
If there are 3 of you in the car and you are going shopping, report it ��.
Max number of people in car 2, driver and 1 rear passenger.
"Even those who walk have to carry self-certification" ��. The Chief of Civil Protection Angelo Borrelli says it, in press conference on the coronavirus emergency.
art. 650 penal code (arrest up to 3 months or fine up to € 206,00);
art. 495 criminal code (1 to 6 years imprisonment)
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