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Default Re: Coronavirus in Italy

Originally Posted by joseph engraver View Post
Thanks Dave
As I was walking my dog which is still permitted, I got to thinking that perhaps this self confinement that the folks here are going through is not such a bad thing. I have noticed that the neighbors are talking to each other across their balconies and the families are playing in their yards. Even my next door neighbor who has not spoken to me in the past two years asked me if I was ok, and relatives have been calling to see if we were well.
All of this reminds me of the Italy I fell in love with many years ago. We no longer shop at the large supermarket but buy from the small local village shops. We have fresh vegetables and eggs from the local farmer, and my bidet works just fine. Today the sun is shining and spring is not far away it feels great and so do I and when I got home I found fresh bread, apple cake and pork chops with cabbage for dinner.

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