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Default The direct approach

This evening the old man in the basement apartment started yelling, at first I ignored it as I lay in my hammock(imported from Mexico) but as the volume grew louder it became too much. I thought about what to do for quite a while. I decided that there was no way that a “Please stop “ would have the desired effect. I considered my situation and the fact that this man was going to drive me away from a place that I felt would be a nice home that I could enjoy with my wife in my last years. Also I have no desire to pack up and move another time. It occurred to me that the best approach would be to confront him directly. What was there to lose in telling him to shut up and stop acting like a spoiled child.Yelling was now out of control."Hey" I yelled louder than he. Who is that He yelled back, “It is me and I am telling you to shut your mouth”. He came out of his house and looked around. There is a high fence between us and I was looking over the top. That gave me the advantage of the high ground and he had to look up to see me, Who are you he yelled? I put my fingers to my lips and in sign language indicated silence while looking him directly in the eyes. He turned around and was still yelling as he went inside, closed his door and went silent. He has not made a peep since then. I am not sure that confronting him once will stop the racket but it has been two hours and silence remains. I am in hopes that a couple more times will help make life here much more enjoyable and I can grow my garden in peace.
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