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Default Re: Mt01 BEAST Down!

Bought my first Harley 43 years ago. Clubed 38 if those years. Had a semi slam on the breaks in front of me and layed my brand new 77 sportster down and slide the length of the trailer then rolled out from under the truck at the drive axle. Was not a block from the dealership where I bought it. They came running down and checked me out. Asked for the paperwork back and told me I was test driving. Went back to the dealership and got another bike. No injuries. Worst I was ever hurt the motor on my 80/80 Wideglide was not running. Chatting on the side of a road with a high crown, car came along I pulled the clutch in and rolled off the road. Popped it out the bike flipped over on top of me and laid the pipes across my back. the girls I was talking to could not get the damn thing off me so I cooked until the next car came by. That hurt.

Defensive driving, watch everything all the time. Every driveway, side street, passing car, dog, duck everything, always. eyes moving at all times. Somebody will kill you if you give them the chance. Buried to many brothers not to remember to take care of me. Fred
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