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Default Re: Stainless Goliath Vise

When choosing my Lindsay vises I went straight from the Palm Control to the Titan, but I do have several other medium weight vises around the studio - like the LaTurneau and a couple of the GRS mid-weight vises. The new Goliath will likely work for everyone, the weight is good for firearms and not too much for most jewelry engraving.

The Titan is perfect for the serious Firearms Engraver who really needs that kind of mass and weight to counter balance barrels and other such heavy parts. Moreover, I've found that Titan absorbs the felt impact of the hand piece. When I switch back to the lighter vises I am immediately aware of two things, 1) I can feel the impact(s) of the hand piece through the body of the vise as the piston drives the graver through the metal, and 2) I readily notice the reduced effect of that impact against the steel.

I finally realized why some engravers use those heavy machine vises to hold their work - it's simple physics, a heavy vise improves the effect of a hammer stroke as it drives the graver through metal. There simply is no cause and effect vibration.

Now, we all can't afford to purchase and possess three engraving vices to use alternately as we engrave different sizes and weights of engraving subjects, but, it would be my opinion that if you exclusively engrave light objects like jewelry, the Palm Control Vise is perfectly designed for that use. The Goliath has good weight and mass for a variety of different engraving subjects, and the Titan is fits the bill for heavy engraving on large and heavy subjects.

Whatever you choose, be assured that Steve's vices are engineered to run smooth and provide a lifetime of service - and you will forever appreciate his choice of stainless steel for the metal. Finally, notice that each of these vices sit in metal my opinion that's one of the most significant attributes of a solid engraving vise.
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