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yep thats right im shooting to win this contest . so please . PLEASE post . ill do what ever it takes , grovel, beg .
You want period graving plate photos , I got’em , or a lot anyway . If your stick is castings , got photos as well . Rifle with lots of intricate inlays , stones , I got some
All credits will be given from any writings which these come from .
I need that graver so bad I can taste it .
so now i hope i at least get a few posts

ok so here we go

For those who study firearms history , engraving is very much part of that history .
Many of the more documented pieces of the 16,17. 18 centuries are highly relief engraved . They also many times are set with jewels and other precious stones , even tortuous shell , mother of pearl, gold , silver .
Today we don’t see this as much but for very few cases .
Engravings seem to be more commonly scroll work with relief , inlays are of metals most times just gold . While many of the historic pieces seem to have been done by masters that were highly skilled in all areas from inlay work to stone setting , to line graving and heavy relief work .

These pictures are from the documentation of Torsten Lenk who provides us with a look at not only weapons of the 1600 , 1700 but all so the engravings and castings of that time

What was lost ? How did these masters create such works without Pneumatics , be they gravers or rotary tools .
Why do we not longer see this type of engraving ?

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