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Originally Posted by Zernike Au
Hi Charles, good post. Thanks for the photos. Your pictures are so beautiful. I love the antique scrolls so much and would like to study more about scrolls and the antique floral patterns.

I found the book at ebay:
is this the one as yours, the title seems a bit different...

Any more other books or information that you can recommend to us, I can have a lot of questions

yes thatís the book , looks like its a new reprint of the original . mine is a hard back but should be i believe the same .
There is another fine book which I no longer have do to a loss some years back . It was put out by the Tower of London as I recall , ill see if I can find my old library logs and get the name for you .
Most all Dr Lenks works in the above book deal with French weapons and engraving while the Tower book was on English works
Also the Books by POPE and some of Hansonís works have plates showing 17 and 18th century bright work
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