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As I said though Im leaning to something changed , it appears to me at least “as a novice in this area “ that something along the way was lost .
This could have been from any number of things one most certainly natural evolution or even wars such as we see with many other styles of art work .
Possibly even these masters dyeing and not being able to pass on their knowledge to apprentices .
I also cant help but wonder if maybe for a time this type of work became scarce do to the very reasoning that many of you are suggesting . Its just to time consuming . Cost would also be a factor because very few could afford to purchase such a piece opting for lesser less time consuming styles . I would think however Pneumatics could bring this back or at least portions of it back .
We I think are very lucky in that people Like Dr Lenk , Pope , Hanson and others have documented some of these works . While the plates most certainly can give us an idea of the detail they simply cant do justice to the Final works themselves
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