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Originally Posted by charles starks

Normally the inlay work would have been done by the same person or in at least the same shop.
Now as we discussed before , many times the engraving work , or other parts work like barrels , locks and such would have been farmed out to others who provided work in these specific trades .
However we also cannot forget that there were many masters “ I know that description offends some but IMO that’s what they were “
Did their own works from start to finish , making the locks , stock , forging barrels and doing the engravings . These were truly knowable folks and while they my have been less skilled in one are then another , their overall work is truly something to behold when you consider it as a whole .
To often I think we forget that . We concentrate so much on one given area that we lose the overall prospective and relationship of the work itself .
Chas. As you know, what little I know on this subject, is focused on British gun makers. But here are some thoughts.
There were basically 2 types of gun makers (IMHO)
1. General gun makers - these gun makers made guns for general consumption & the military, such as Ketland( although they did do some "custom work) These makers "farmed out there parts & assembled them ( there was a huge # (up to 8,000- 10,000 in London & Birmingham) of "parts makers, including "engravers"
2. Fine Gun Makers.( such as Egg, Forbes, Mortimer, Twigg etc) These gun makers Primarily ( note Egg + others did do Military work) made guns for the "better" classes (incl. kings etc) These makers primarly kept their work "in house" Either doing all of it themselves or using their apprentices (often family members, many apprentices went on to become "fine Gun Makers." ( Note - Both Egg & Mortimer used Moses Brent, who was a Master engraver & was also known for his Gold & siver "castings ( inlay work ??))

I will post some pics of the more simple ingraving these makers did.

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