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Default New studio

I now have private sleeping quarters and space where I am in communication with my spirit and the world, plus a decent view of the beach and the daily life of people walking by.
I can see clear to the Morros and twenty miles beyond, all the way to where I have caught most every species of game fish that swim in these Pacific waters. Two of them large enough to win two cars and $4,000 prize money. All from a boat that my wife Franca named after my mother “Lillian”
Up here in my new studio I have the luxury of a steady breeze. Prefect natural light for engraving and space to stand away from the canvas to study the effects of colors I paint.
I am really enjoying painting. It is so much more forgiving than engraving.
So many times while I was cutting a hunting scene into a gun, I wished that it was possible to use color to differentiate the various shades needed to distinguish objects from their background.
I remember when I was studying in Italy that other engravers would ask “Why do you want to become a gun engraver? Don’t you know that it is nothing but hard work, pains in the neck and shoulders?” I was determined and ignored their warnings. In my next life I will opt for painting. From now on daubing paint on a two dollar canvas is perfect for an old dog like me.
If I screw up, just add a bit more paint, unlike engraving hard metals. A trade that I have found often leads to baldness, blindness, and a bent back.
I don’t think I am ready or interested to paint from photos or to strive for reality, I think I am going to enjoy painting from observation and imagination.
My internet connection here is much faster and more reliable than I had under the palm trees, the sunset views are most excellent and the bedroom below is much cooler because of the new tile roof. I think this ten year building project has at last come to its end
It has caused cuts and bruises and many a sore back, but as a friend of mine told me “The object of life in not to have your well cared body placed gently in the grave, but to be dragged to the coffin, worn out and yelling “It’s been a hell of a ride.”
I hope you have found this tour of my new studio of interest, have a great day and thanks for looking
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