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Thanks for the concern Steve
Finally I have teeth to bite back if needed. I test fired my new illegal pistol at midnight one New Years Eve. It works fine and I now have 12 rounds of ammo, the clip is loaded, there is a round in the chamber, I pray that I never have reason to pull the trigger.
I have instructed Franca how to use it. I wish I had a bigger supply of ammo then we could do some target practice.
New Years day at 11AM my neighbor to the south of me by 150 meters was robbed by gunpoint of his new Jeep, watch and wallet. Last night at 8PM Jan 2nd a restaurant that was catering to about 30 of the wealthy people who have winter homes here was held up by a couple of gun wielding thugs. They demanded the keys of a new Ford explorer to a Canadian millionaire .He refused, they pistol whipped him, robbed every one present then took the truck of the restaurateur instead. The same night at 11PM the people next door were robbed of their car, It is getting very close to my home. Here is a new painting that I almost completed. It is inspired by the 14th century Mexica culture. She is my interpretation of Huixtochuatl, Goddess of Salt,
Thank you all for looking, 1012 is going to be a very exciting year.
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