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Thanks friends,
Twelve years ago when I ended up living permanently (by choice) in Mexico I wanted a dog to replace the one I lost as a boy. I did a bit of research on dogs and found that the Boxer had all that I wanted in a dog to protect my home and be a great companion. I went a vet in Zihuatanejo and asked about a Boxer pup. He said that he knew of one and I could pick it up in a week. I paid a deposit and a week later picked up Ace who has never been the brightest of dogs and never was a Boxer. The vet lied to me and sold me a Pit Bull mix with a snipped tail. Ace is still a fine watch dog and a great companion but his sight and health are fading. My new pup is most likely the last dog and I want him to be my best dog. In the short time I have had him I find him to be a joy to teach.
Sadly I donít believe that the problems all Mexico face will soon go away but continue to spread. As far as I know you can buy my book almost anywhere,
Just Google A Gifted Man by Joseph
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