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Big Un
I have two journals that I wrote in longhand and no one can decipher my scrawl. Then my wife taught me to type using the computer. For me it made all the difference.
When in grade school I had a teacher that believed in proper handwriting skills and we practiced drawing "doodles" every day to set our muscle memory for writing. My wife says I have beautiful handwriting and my lettering is the same now as when we first met over fifty years ago. The computer, and formerly the typewriter, made reading more legible and communication faster, but in the process took away personality and thoughtful subjectivity of the subject at hand. One must think ahead when writing with the pen as opposed to being able to hammer out words quickly with the ability to go back and correct yourself, and no one is the wiser. It seems today, with spellcheck always "thinking" for you, correct grammar and spelling is fast becoming obsolete and this thing they call "text talk" makes proper communication completely foreign to us old folks that grew up with order in our lives. It seems to pervade every aspect of our lives and I personally find it offensive and sad.
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