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Originally Posted by joseph engraver View Post
Bill glad to know that you were successful. It takes a good woman to make a difference in a mans life-
SE Engraver. That is a very interesting question, and one that required some thought.
I have found everyplace I have lived had it positives and negatives. For example, America was the greatest country when I was trying to make a living and I was younger and full of energy .If my only interests in life consisted of engraving and making money, I would still be there. The opportunity there is limited only by ones determination, I believe it still is.
Mexico is more like the Wild West where you need to keep one eye on your back, your money in your boot, and learn to live with the dangers that come with a culture that is very corrupted. Its population that has developed the concept that if they can fool you with lies that they are smarter than you. The motto “It is better to say excuse me than may I.” Was my lawyer’s favorite. Native Mexicans are clean, clever, and very loyal to their family, but not to outsiders.
All of this made no difference to me when I lived there as I found my life exciting and interesting, food was cheap, and nature provided me with a interesting year round supply of colorful humming birds, butterflies ,mangos, bananas, along with poisonous reptiles, scorpions sea turtles, mosquitoes and fire- ants. Then there is the beautiful Pacific where I learned so much about myself and offshore fishing for big game and enjoyed the warmth and the most beautiful sun rises and sunsets... I think if I was not for the love I have for Franca and never to grow old I would still be there.
Italy has a much different culture than America or Mexico. Here things are very much regulated by A Socialist government. And it is not easy for young people to be independent. But for people like me who have pulled their share behind the plow in making a life for themselves. It is the ideal place to live; Medical care is excellent and is basically for free. Franca has reunited with her family and has made many new friends. The people are kind and drivers are law abiding and polite. Here I can visit all the European countries with short airline flights. In two weeks I will be going to Prague for a few days. The cost of the flight is 65 Euros round trip. Art is everywhere and the area where I am is only a 15 minute bus ride from great picturesque beaches, and most importantly a good bottle of wine can be found for 3 euro or less .I am content to call Italy my home, as a matter of fact I am going to apply for citizenship here. Thank you for commenting on this post
Thank you Joseph for your reply.I believe you are a happy go lucky couple you adapt easily to the different places with different environments where you move to,I have admired the way you have put the different experiences to us in a very nice and pleasant way,you described all the tough the difficult the bad the good always in a way that it never seemed a complaint but just mere experiences that came in your life or you encountered in life. And I admire that.Reading your experiences is always interesting and something I look forward to though most of the time just reading the posts is enough.Here I must add The admirable and supportive person always by your side is Franca.
I wish you both well and the very best for the future.

Learn from those who know more than you do and teach those who know less than you do. - I.M.
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