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Default Re: Must have book download (drawing Acanthus leaves)

Hey this is interesting. Read the below quote from page 58 of this book "The Connoisseur" dated 1901. Photography must have just been invented and started to replace hand engraving.

"THE fear that the photogravure would oust the
hand-engraved plate from the market, and perhaps
make hand-engraving a lost art, if it ever had any
solid ground, may, at any rate, now be dismissed as
groundless. At the present prices high-class
engravings are so good an investment that they will
without doubt continue to be produced. The
mezzotints in Mr. Henry Arthur Blyth's collection,
which fetched nearly ^22,000 at Christie's in
March, were originally published at prices amounting
in the aggregate to less than 500; and the
published price of Val. Green's mezzotint after
Reynolds, " The Duchess of Rutland," which was
sold for a thousand guineas, was fifteen shillings.
It is not only the old engravings that increase
in value; proof impressions of the best modern
plates are fetching much more than their published
prices. Among modern engravings of which the
first state impressions have increased in price are
most of those by the late Samuel Cousins, R.A. For
instance, " The Young Dauphin," after Greuze,
published by Mr. Thomas McLean in 1877 at five
guineas, is now worth fourteen guineas. "

Steve Lindsay
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