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Default Further Scuba tank hook-up information

Hello All: After reading brandvik's article on running the AirGraver from a scuba tank, I decided because of the portability that was for me, I had problems sourcing the items he listed so did it in a similar but simpler way,
the items I used were;
1. Air tank
2. 1st stage regulator
3. Inflator hose
4. Quick connect nipple with 1/8 thread (standard to fit the 1st stage)
5. A 1/8 male to M5 female connector

All available from the scuba and hardware store.

The quick connect nipple fits directly into the (in) side of the regulator, the 1/8 to M5 to the other (out) side, the Steve Lindsay plastic connector screws into the M5 thread, the inflator hose connects/ disconnects to the nipple,
and that is it.

I haven't used Steve Lindsay's regulator in the picture as it is fitted to my workshop wall.

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