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im sorry tom i missed this part again its been a very long day

If that is really the question, then the answer seems rather simple to me
the question i posted at least for me is about all the change . how did we get to where we are today , what was the progression of change .
i think all these comparison being shown , are actually leading us down that path of trying to figure this out .
i think the answer can be very simply but as often the case , the simple answer has allot of context to it .

myself i dont see how we can try to understand this topic without also understanding the different venues of period engraving or other arts which happened at the same time . as we look at these different photos of different time periods , i think we start to see how it all ties together to show a progression of change
Maybe what we are seeing is a refinement of that art over a short 100 to 150 year timeframe .
But if thatís the case then why have we not seen this same refinement over the last 150 years as America became one of the wealthiest nations in the world ?
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