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not to worry Zernike, some say my english isnt to good eather

I am very new to engraving and I am starting to know more who is Narskim or Churchchill (sorry really very difficult for me to remember the name, please forgive me) and know they affecting the
the whole engraving trend in the USA,
could someone here give an answer to this question ?. im not that knowledgeable concerning these folks . the information would be appreciated .

how about in Europe like French, Italy, Austria, Belgium? An engraver or a gun manufacturer in different period? The trend is the engraver's style, or the factory pattern style, the art trend in the fine art field has any affecting those popular "trend" or "style"? Are these style or trend affecting each other from country to country?
IF i understand you question , i would say ,yes , i think they do . this is very much what we are discussing / working through in this discussion .

From you photo I found one wooden handle with very beautiful silver inlay (is this term correct?) Is this also call engaving? I try to search some more information about this technique but fail, can you give me some hints so I can dig it out.
Not sure which photo you refer to but I assume it’s the last photo I posted

the silver inlay on the wrist of the rifle i posted is call a thumb piece or thumb inlay .
this was either made from plate , inlet into the wood of the stock ,then engraved OR it was engraved and then inlet into the wood ..
Now this piece could also be a casting of an earlier engraving , which is very commonly used today in place of actual engraving .

Now the photo that Puffer posted is of a trigger guard . This also would be a casting and then the engraving done on the piece or cast into the piece .
With the one in his photo however IMO this is relief engraving , not casting
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