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Default Re: Interesting and scary! Sorry it's long but needs to be heard!


I have followed the evolution of gun laws and self defense cases in the UK with interest for some years. The one thing that I have deduced from it all is that in the UK there are numerous small organizations interested in protecting gun owners and hunting rights. None of them alone speak for enough people to intimidate politicians. Also the issue of gun ownership in the UK has always been tied to their use in hunting or target shooting. They seem to have no concept of a right to own a firearm for self defense.

In the USA, self defense is considered a right that has a long history of court cases supporting the concept. Also there are many states who have enacted the "castle doctrine" specifically seting forth a right to use deadly force to protect oneself in the home.

These rights exist in the USA today primarily because the National Rifle Assocation has fought long and hard to protect them and the NRA, with its 4 million members, is a 500 pound gorilla in the world of US politics, unlike the numerous, impotent sportsmans organizations in the UK.

Some people tell me they don't belong to the NRA because they don't agree with everything they do or stand for. Well, name one large organization that you agree with 100% from your church to FEGA? In the end it is the NRA that has protected our rights not only to gun ownership but to self defense as well. That is why I am a life patron member.

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