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Default Re: Interesting and scary! Sorry it's long but needs to be heard!

WARNING!!! Long rant comming up.
This has to be my personal pet peeve in America right now... the number of illiterate fools claiming that their personal subsidy is a 'Basic Human Right'.Yes you have a right to 'Life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness', however...

A right is something that you have in you, it requires nothing of anyone else.
The pursuit is not a promise of hapiness, there has been endless wars to keep liberty and you are responsible for your oun life.
My taxes are not suposed to feed, clothe or shelter you. Yes are taxes do go to protect our safety and lock up bad guys but, you can't sue the police for failing to keep you safe, ulltimately its your responsibility to keep yourself safe... SELF DEFENCE.

If you look at the bill of Rights it's a negative Declaration. It says what the gov't can not do to you.

If you have any doubt about this consider the Right of Free Speech.

You can say virtually anything you want but, I am not required to listen and its up to you to say something intelligent!
The same goes for the right to life you have to feed and care for yourself.
You have to make the best, informed, decisions about what is going to lengthen your life and make you happy.
Making me defensless does not make you safer, lengthen your life or keep you free, and you don't have the right to endanger my life to make yourself happy!
"Who is John Galt?" Ayn Rand
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