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graver tom
Good post .
i think your most correct that these are not actual plates , just drawing of those plates .
Thus only representations .
The other thing to remember is that many times there is a language difference between then and now . If one does a search on the internet for say period 17century engravings you get everything from paintings to stone carving , even wood carving and yes even gold leaf work on books . So I think we have to keep that in mind also .

Another thing concerning period works on what ever object , we have to remember those works are 1,2 and sometimes 3 hundred years old . What did they look like when new and un warn with time ?

Also I would have to agree with you on the points that sometimes the old masters simply did not hold to the reputations of today folks like Manton , Nock are perfect example. I have held some of their works and in some cases you have to wonder what the big deal is as many small unknown smiths today do work that far surpass the quality . However again these pieces were 200+ years old .

Sometimes also these are not engravings at all but castings .
Makers would do a engraving in wax then cast the part thus one engraving being used over and over again , each time with lesser quality then the original .

As to farming work out , yep happened and happened a lot . Thus instead of doing all the work ones self , one person would make the barrels , another make the locks . Once all was put together it would be sent to the engrave or jeweler for completion.
Steel canvas is a wonderful book to droll over . However it also makes my point , what happened to this period type of work .
Even they intricate work isn’t of this type . The period rifles of Armstrong and such which are shown also is American line work . don’t get me wrong its still wonderful but its not the type of early work we see Typically see earlier in Europe.
Hence the question why ? What changed why the move to light leaf and heavy scroll work from the heavily defined leafed scroll work of old .
We know why many of these works found here in the Americas was done on brass and silver over irons and steels .
That was basically because of crown laws forbidding the manufacture of iron parts and the equipment to manufacture said parts . Thus most of these weapons are mounted in brass and silver .
Could this also have been also applied to other arts ? , I don’t think we know

Again very good post and points well taken
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