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Default Re: Need Help understanding engraving styles


The first pistol on the left is engraved in what German engravers call "Grund Englisch" that style is also known as "neuenglische Arabesken." American engravers call it "German Scroll." The gold plated pistol is in the oak leaf style that is known in German speaking countries as " Eichenlaubornament." The pistol on the right is engraved in what English speaking engravers call English scroll. German engravers call it "Druck Englische Arabesken" or "Altenglische Arabesken." The word "ornament" means the same thing in German and English.

Is your catalog in German or English? If in English, it is a matter of translation and the use of terms meant to appeal to customers.

If you are interested in learning the terminology used by engravers of various countries, click on the link under my signature or click on the word Glossary in red at the top of the page.
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