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Default Re: Need Help understanding engraving styles

I really like that one. The closest I can come to an established ornamental style is "distelornament" in German. In English we would call it thistle ornament. I believe the engraving is original to that gun but a very uncommon style. It may have been a custom order.

Apparently you are a collector of Model 9 Walthers. Here are a few pics of one engraved, post war, by the well known German engraver Claus Willig. This one was done in typical "German scroll" or "druck Englische." I might add that this gun was up for auction a couple of years ago and the auctioneer misstated that this gun was owned by a C, Willig who must have been an important person in Hitler's regime. I wrote to them and advised who Willig is and that he could have hardly been an important Nazi as he was only six years old when the war ended. Nevertheless, they did not change the description on their web site.

By the way, my understanding of these German engraving terms is as explained to me by Andreas Amthor, who is one of the masters at the Berufsfachschule Büchsenmacher & Graveure in Suhl, Germany.
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