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Welcome Pepper; I started after retiring as well. it was something I was always interested in but life, time, work all that stuff gets in the way. The people on this forum are fantastic and I can only speak of what I have heard and my experience with the Lindsay tools. Both have been exceptional. I have the PC tool and templates; both The universal and the set of Ray Cover templates. I like them all because it makes repeatable results easy.

I took Ray Cover's beginner class and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Ray is a great teacher and I think the 4-5 days you spend there take a year off trying to learn by yourself. Im working now on getting my cuts decent enough to take the advanced class this summer.

I enjoy looking at the real craftsman's work on this forum, it inspires me to practice hard and aspire to be better. Its a fun hobby, I have AH moments daily at the bench. I found sharpening to be very important and would just pass that on to you. If you don't have templates I would suggest them as a great investment.

I built myself a power hone, not all that hard, and it has allowed me to rough in a graver in a few minutes which allows for several sharp gravers of each type at the ready when they run low a short session at the stones gets me back going again.

Enjoy your time here
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