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Default Gunsmithing pics

Here is a precision bolt action rifle I was building back when I was a gunsmith in the UK. It never actually got finished because we decided to emigrate to Spain, so I had to break it up :(
The receiver is mostly Duralumin, apart from the rear section where the bolt locked up, which was 6ALV titanium.
I nearly finished the bolt, which was also titanium, but I don't have any pictures of that...

I wish I'd taken more photos of my gunsmithing projects, I rarely used to document anything.

Here's a photo of a hand cut dovetail I did for a front sight. I was going to mill it but then decided it would take too long to set up on the table so I filed it instead. I was proud of that, but it sort of pales into insignificance looking at some of the work you guys do...

I see Guy Lautard is a member here. I have every one of his books, and they are invaluable.
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