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There is always a fly that lands in the soup.
The home that we have rented, which I thought was Ideal as a place to spend the rest of my life in peace, enjoying growing a garden ,planting flowers ,painting and writing Has a madman living in the basement under us. He is the landlordís father, I donít think he is much older than me.
He sleeps most of the day then starting around sunset begins yelling and cursing. I donít know if is because he gets drunk or he is just mad or both. The police have been here once since we moved in a week ago. They came to see if he was in need of assistance, he sent them away. The son came to visit him and there was a loud argument between them that lasted an hour or so. He curses me and my dog Jack, who seems to be unaffected by the whole thing.
Very early in the morning around three he starts banging on the wall next to where we are sleeping. Then he starts cursing and yelling until he finally goes to sleep about dawn. My wife is about to have a breakdown from lack of sleep and I am at my wits end. The consequence is that we have given the required six months notice that we will be vacating this very beautiful home. I have already started buying flowers and set out tomato plants and was going to organize my new studio this week, now everything is on hold. Our bedroom furniture that we ordered a week ago arrives in the next day or so. Tomorrow Internet and phone gets connected and kitchen furniture arrives.>Does anyone know a magical spell that can silence a crazy man, or a potion that I can take to keep my sanity? We continue the search for the perfect home and tranquil studio here in Ital.Meanwhile the amount of wine I drink at dinner time increases.
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