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It is good that you have a solution to the dilemma presented by your difficult neighbor . I hope you and Franca will be able to endure until you have the opportunity to move to Stephano. I have enjoyed your previous posts . My friend Chuck was In The USAF about the same time as you . He was an MP and had many story's to tell of his experiences . One of his favorite places was, Tripoli, not sure why , but you have probably been there ? Tomorrow we will celebrate Thanksgiving , here, in the US. I have been at the jewelers bench 7 years , and have to offer my thanks to many folks who have assisted me on this journey . I am especially fond of The Engraving Forum, thank-you Steve Lindsey!
Also I wish to thank all who have posted work and shared their thoughts here. It is truly a wide array of artistic expression that supplies instruction, knowledge, and maybe the most important, " Artistic Inspiration" . Best Regards Steve Cook
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